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Future Proofing
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5.1 Smart Region Strategy

The Smart Region Strategy will help us connect to people, places, knowledge and technology, and to accelerate projects that will tackle the challenged our region is facing. We will use digital as an enabler to the human experience.

The following themes will be explored in our regional strategy:

  • Infrastructure and Technology: connecting people and places through innovative use of technology and actionable open data to create new value chains across industries. 
  • Energy, Water and Waste: new technologies and business models arising from rapid transformation of the electricity sector driven by decentralization, de-carbonization and digitization.
  • Mobility and Transport: capitalize on the global shift towards electric vehicles, car-sharing schemes and autonomous vehicles.
  • Circular Economy: moving from a linear to a circular economy through minimising waste and pollution by avoiding, reducing, reusing and recycling.
  • Governance and Education: knowledge-management, expanded start-up culture, and smart governance tools. Building partnerships between education, public institutions and the business community.
  • Citizens and Living / Ageing Well: engaged citizens informing decisions to maintain and increase the region’s superior liveability status.
  • Leveraging the GigCity project: expanding beyond the Tonsley Innovation District to benefit the whole Southern Adelaide community.

The strategy will future proof Southern Adelaide and integrate physical, digital and social systems.

Download the 5.1 Smart Region Strategy information sheet here.