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1.5 Port Stanvac

Port Stanvac represents the most significant land holding in metropolitan Adelaide capable of being developed for both new iconic industries and world class residential development

The Port Stanvac site, owned by ExxonMobil, is a 234 ha parcel of coastal land of national and state significance. The significant $2 bn Adelaide Desalinisation Plant is located west of the site. The site has the potential to be a major mixed-use employment hub complementing the Tonsley Innovation District.

To inform potential opportunities for the site it is imperative the site is master planned. This would shape the future of this strategically-critical land and provide certainty to industry, developers and investors about the types of development that the site will accommodate. The plan will ensure community benefits flow from the site’s development while delivering long-term economic outcomes.

In the short term, we are seeking the preparation of a master plan in collaboration with ExxonMobil and the State Government. It will detail the following:

  • Preferred development areas and supported flexible zoning
  • Areas of environment and social significance
  • Infrastructure layout
  • Investment attraction plan
  • Skills development and attraction plan
  • Coastal shared use trail linking the City of Marion and City of Onkaparinga.

Download the 1.5 Port Stanvac information sheet here.