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5.3 Southern Energy Project

Improving the energy performance of businesses across the region will reduce power costs for businesses and community, reduce reliance on the national electricity grid, and support the creation of jobs.

We are currently experiencing a rapid transformation of the electricity sector driven by decentralization, de-carbonization and digitization. Innovation and disruption is being enabled by new technologies, and new business models are emerging in response to a more actively engaged consumer.

Across the world communities are coming together to respond to fundamental challenges such as climate change, energy access and affordability. They are doing this through creating community owned and community run renewable energy projects. These projects are providing income, employment and energy for regions.

Energy efficiency and adoption of new technology provides local savings and industry development by capacity building through innovation.

To support local businesses through this transition we will focus on:

  • Regional Baseline Study – prepare a Southern Adelaide Energy Report that will describe current regional electricity supply, demand and network constraints and provide an overview of existing demand management, renewable energy and energy service programs and projects in Southern Adelaide.
  • Energy Efficiency Low Cost Finance – develop a business support ecosystem for Southern Adelaide that includes awareness raising programs, funding and finance options, and grant opportunities.
  • Demand Management Projects – develop scalable and replicable projects that will improve the energy efficiency of local businesses.
  • Microgrids and Embedded Networks – develop a case study of the Tonsley Energy Precinct to promote a best practice precinct approach to renewable energy and energy demand management.
  • Aggregated Energy Procurement – develop an aggregated energy procurement model.
  • Local Renewable Energy Generation Projects – renewable energy generation projects in southern Adelaide.

Download the 5.3 Community Energy Hubs information sheet here.