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5.2 Circular Economy

Support new industry growth through circular economy initiatives within Southern Adelaide and provide the environment, leadership and space to establish the region as an incubator for the circular economy in South Australia.

There are significant job creation and investment opportunities in both renewable energy and the circular economy. A circular economy is restorative by design, keeping products, components and materials at their highest utility and value. Southern Adelaide is uniquely positioned to capitalize on these opportunities being rich in natural resources and having a proven track record in green industry innovation.

A circular economy will not only have economic benefits, but will also have positive social and environmental outcomes.

Our plan will consider the following themes:

  • Circular initiatives, such as application of the cradle-to-cradle principles where everything will be reused in a new cycle; future proofing redevelopments; creative hotspots; and promotion
  • Circular office development
  • Slow fashion creation; and
  • Circular housing education and promotion.

A number of circular business models are emerging whereby resources are kept in use for as long as possible to get the maximum value from products and materials. These business models are often facilitated by transformational technologies meaning that entrepreneurs and innovation in reverse logistics, services and digital technologies will be needed to facilitate these changes. 

Southern Adelaide can be a leader in this field and enable this sector to prosper.

Download the 5.2 Circular Economy information sheet here.