Quick Facts

$400 000
150 existing jobs
  • Retain Skills in the Region

4.3 Automotive Transformation

Successfully transition automotive supply businesses to new business opportunities

The successful transition of Southern Adelaide based businesses and workers previously servicing the local automotive manufacturing supply chain to new business and career opportunities requires continued targeted support.  There are approximately 24 automotive supply chain businesses in Southern Adelaide.

All key Adelaide metropolitan councils are working closely with Federal and State Governments on an Automotive Taskforce Regional Coordination Committee to provide seamless career development and jobs brokering support services to retrenched automotive workers residing in our jurisdictions.

This innovative and cost efficient project will compliment existing efforts and deliver a Southern Adelaide Manufacturing Transition Fund aimed at helping local auto supply chain companies to develop and implement a diversification strategy unique to their business.  

This project will also investigate how to position Southern Adelaide as a living laboratory for autonomous / electric buses and vehicles. 

Download the 4.3 Automotive Transformation information sheet here.