Quick Facts

  • Future Proof Rail Transport Options

3.2 Rail from Seaford to Aldinga

This project provides an opportunity to service an existing and growing community with improved public transport and access to job opportunities

A rail corridor from Seaford Rise to Aldinga for a distance of approximately10km is required to cater for a future rail extension.

In addition to the 10km rail corridor to the Aldinga land, options to secure a possible future spur-line of approximately 1.2km from Aldinga to the Aldinga District Centre would be desirable.

Currently Aldinga residents (approximately 60%) are forced to commute daily for work and experience social isolation due to limited public transport options.

A rail extension to Aldinga would provide a range of benefits:

  • Better access to job opportunities within the South (Noarlunga, Seaford, Lonsdale, Port Stanvac, Tonsley, Marion and the CBD).
  • Create opportunities for tourism by linking Adelaide to the world class wine region of McLaren Vale located adjacent to the Aldinga townshi.p
  • Stimulate increased use on public transport with less reliance on cars thereby improving environment outcomes.
  • Increase the proportion of people walking and riding for short trips to access public transport in our communities.

Download the 3.2 Extension of the Mass Transit Rail from Seaford to Aldinga information sheet here.