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3.1 North South Road Corridor

Completion of the North South Corridor in the south requires a commitment from the State and Federal Governments to funding and working with Councils at an early planning and design stage.

The following two stretches of road are critical:

  1. the completion of the non-stop north-south road corridor from Tonsley to Anzac Highway 
  2. extending the duplicated road south of Old Noarlunga to Sellicks Beach

Given the size and geography of the metropolitan area, it is essential that there are fast and efficient north-south transport links between Southern Adelaide and the CBD and beyond.  This is important for accessing employment opportunities, moving goods and attracting visitors to the region as well as improving safety and travel times. Access across the corridor and to areas either side is  critical for  business and the wider community.

Design is critical to ensure the road corridor development enables an economic uplift.  Completion of the North South corridor requires continued commitment to delivering the outstanding components that have already been completed capitalising on investment and integration with growth precincts.
Download the 3.1 North South Road Corridor information sheet here.