Quick Facts

$100 000
  • 18 Million Visitors

2.1 International Standard Hotel

An international standard  hotel at Oaklands Park presents an exciting opportunity to activate tourism

and business growth in Adelaide’s inner south providing a convivial setting from which international visitors can enjoy the many education, research, retail, health, sporting, recreation and business destinations of the region

The Inner South attracts over 18 million visitors a year for sport, health, retail, business and educational reasons.  Unfortunately, a lack of visitor accommodation in the Central Marion area means that a significant proportion of visitor expenditure is not captured in the local area.

Land is available for development at a strategic growth precinct.  Oaklands Park is 20 minutes south of Adelaide and 2.8 kms to the coast.  It is home to the State Aquatic Centre, Marion Cultural Centre – Art Gallery and Theatre, as well as the largest shopping centre in South Australia.  The area is accessible by electrified rail, car, walking and cycling network and bus.   

Broad community benefits will flow from this project including enhanced visitor activity and increased economic activity via international students, national and international events as well as business conferences.

Download the 2.1 International Standard Hotel information sheet here.