Quick Facts

$1 bn investment
  • 8,500 Students 
  • 800 Dwellings

1.3 Tonsley Innovation District

Tonsley is an economic growth engine for South Australia attracting international and national investment delivering benefits to the whole region.

Through a collaborative approach Tonsley has brought together leading-edge research and education institutions, established businesses and start-ups, business incubators and accelerators as well as government and the wider community to connect and collaborate.  It is an economic growth engine for South Australia with the potential to deliver much more for the South Australian economy.

Tonsley needs to remain a priority as a key economic driver with objectives focused on economic development outcomes not just financial returns. The collaborative government, business and academia model must continue to pave the way for new entrants to the South Australian market with an increasing proportion of ‘new’ jobs.

To ensure success of Tonsley, Local Government must remain a strategic partner in enabling a place for people by providing connections and activation according to the spirit of the site as a beacon for innovation, business growth, sustainability and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths). 

More broadly, connectivity with Bedford Park is critical. Through physical and collaborative integration of the Tonsley Innovation District with the Flinders Urban Village, a seamless flow of people and activity between and within these two key strategic sites will be achieved.

Download the 1.3 Tonsley Innovation District information sheet here.