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1.6 Christie Downs

Regeneration of Christies Downs

The renewal of Christies Downs will improve social outcomes in an area facing significant social and economic disadvantage. It will create construction jobs that will pave the way for further private investment. 

Christie Downs faces ageing infrastructure, a high concentration of social housing, low residential densities and one of the highest indexes of social disadvantage in the south. 
In partnership with the State Government, we will deliver a housing demonstration project that stimulates private investment in innovative and diverse housing types. Collaborative investment in a new or upgraded shopping centre would facilitate further urban renewal and improved rail infrastructure will enhance the areas’ investment appeal.

Renewal SA owns substantial land holdings comprising 27% of all housing in Christie Downs. The area would benefit from inclusion in the ‘thousand homes in a thousand days’ program. It would also benefit from shared investment in infrastructure to drive economic opportunities for the local community. 

Download the 1.6 Christie Downs information sheet here.