Quick Facts

$240 000 p.a
  • 980 Clients over two years

4.2 Small Business Advisory Service

Southern Adelaide Small Business Advisory Service

Small business is the engine room of the Southern Adelaide economy. 

Provide a Southern Adelaide Small Business Advisory service to support start-ups and growth of existing businesses.  

There is a demonstrated demand for a one-on-one service that supplements existing online resources and learning and development programs, which allows businesses and those looking to start a business to discuss their business questions face-to-face in a confidential environment.  

The Service will:

  • provide small business intenders / entrepreneurs, managers and owners with relevant and timely information in relation to starting, running and growing a small business
  • raise awareness of and recommend suitable training courses, workshops and events that clients could attend, including referrals to other agencies
  • mentor and coach business intenders, managers and owners to support their growth and build resilience 
  • support businesses with high growth potential

Download the 4.2 Small Business Advisory Service information sheet here.