Quick Facts

  • Connected Region
  • Enhance Transport Options
  • More Efficient Services

3.3 Public Transport Services

Recent investment in electrification and extension of the rail line to Seaford, Flinders Link and emerging new technologies now provide an opportunity to improve the integration of all transport modes at growth precincts

Being able to move easily in, out and around our region is fundamental to meeting people, getting to work, operating a business, moving goods, education and leisure, community wellbeing.

Reflecting the peri-urban fringe location of the city and low density nature of suburbs, around three quarters of employed people travel to work in a car, 3% by bus and 2% by train. Around 65% travel outside the region for work.

Virtually all residents live within 15 minutes’ walk of a train station or bus stop and around 300,000 people per month, each, patronise bus and train services.

From an infrastructure perspective, efficiency is maximised by the integration between modes of transport, between everyday movement and recreational movement, and with commitment between all transport providers to work together.

Innovative and disruptive emerging new transport technologies such as autonomous and electric vehicles, car share schemes and need for public electric car charge points also provide opportunities to improve connectivity.
Download the 3.3 Public Transport Services information sheet here.